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About CCPI

Executive Team

The CCPI, Inc. world-wide leadership team are specialists in the field of temperature measurement and refractory materials. The team is precision focused and operates world-class facilities and renowned calibration labs. Meet the men and women behind this exceptional organization.

Jeff Reed

President & CEO

    Ron Roemer

    Vice President, CFO, & Treasurer

    • Responsible for the company’s global accounting and treasury operations
    • Joined the company in June 2012
    • Prior experience includes serving as CFO of a steel service center and Controller of a machine tool manufacturer
    • Holds a bachelors degree in accounting from Xavier University

    Karl Saylor

    Vice President, CCPI – COMAT®

    • Responsible for managing the COMAT® business unit
    • Has been with the company for 29 years
    • Prior experience includes serving as a research engineer at United States Steel Corporation, where he utilized water modeling for optimization of steel flow systems
    • Holds a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University

    Kari Dixon

    Director – CCP Division & ERP Systems

    • Responsible for managing the CCP Division and the company's ERP activities
    • Has been with the company for 21 years
    • Prior experience includes Marketing Manager, Inside Sales Manager and Human Resources/Marketing Director
    • Holds a Bachelors Degree in Business from Wilmington College and a Masters Degree in Business from Xavier University

    Dr. Gary Hallum

    Vice President & Technical Director

    • Heads the research and development group of CCPI’s steel refractory and aluminum products and is responsible for the procurement of raw materials
    • Has been with the company for 15 years
    • Prior experience includes serving as a senior research engineer, focused on refractory selection, research and process improvement for LTV Steel Corporation
    • Holds a Masters and a Ph.D. in Ceramic Engineering from The Ohio State University

    Mike Gasaway

    Vice President & Engineering Director

    • Manages the Wire & Sensors business unit on a temporary basis, as well as the engineering and maintenance departments
    • Has been with the company for 23 years
    • Prior experience includes serving as the chief electrical design engineer for Modern Machine Development
    • Holds a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from Bowling Green State University

    Keith Hicks

    Managing Director, CCPI – Europe Limited

    • Manages CCPI’s European temperature measurement operations; responsible for the co-management of GTS (Bahrain)
    • Has been with the company for 15 years
    • Has 45 years experience in temperature measurement
    • Prior experience includes 25 years in international sales and global responsibility for precious metal wire and thermocouple sales into the temperature sensing industries areas including Japan, Korea, India, South Africa and Europe

    Trevor Ford

    Technical Director, CCPI – Europe Limited

    • Responsible for the technical and quality operations for both testing and calibration of temperature sensors across the CCPI groups thermal laboratories
    • Has over 40 years’ experience in the manufacturing, testing, and calibration of temperature sensors
    • During this time has set up from initial design to fully operational test facilities, five 17025 third party accredited calibration laboratories
    • Has been with the company for 15 years
    • Sits on British Standards Committee and advisory committees which guide future developments in the field of temperature measurement

    Peter Cowley

    Production Director, CCPI – Europe Limited, Operations Director, GTS

    • Has 30 years experience in the temperature measurement business
    • Has 20 years experience as a production and engineering manager
    • Responsible for setting up four world class manufacturing facilities using world class manufacturing techniques, one piece flow, cellular manufacturing, empowering operatives etc
    • Project managed the relocation of several manufacturing facilities of varying sizes from £0.5 to £12 million into existing facilities. The time frame on these projects varied from one to six months

    Mary Ann van Vliet

    General Manager, CCPI – MEFEC B.V.

    • Has been with the company for 25 years
    • Has been General Manager since 2006
    • Over 30 years experience in international business practices

    Ali Faraj

    General Manager, Gulf Temperature Sensors

    • Has 22 years experience working for ALBA as a control and instrumentation engineer
    • 10 years experience with his own marketing and engineering company supplying control and instrumentation
    • 7 years as a development and technical manager for ITSS
    • Joined Gulf Temperatures Sensors in 2011

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