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About CCPI

Executive Team

The CCPI, Inc. world-wide leadership team are specialists in the field of temperature measurement and refractory materials. The team is precision focused and operates world-class facilities and renowned calibration labs. Meet the men and women behind this exceptional organization.

Jeff Reed

President & CEO

    Ron Roemer

    Vice President, CFO, & Treasurer

    • Responsible for the company’s global accounting and treasury operations
    • Joined the company in June 2012
    • Prior experience includes serving as CFO of a steel service center and Controller of a machine tool manufacturer
    • Holds a bachelors degree in accounting from Xavier University

    Karl Saylor

    Vice President, CCPI – COMAT®

    • Responsible for managing the COMAT® business unit
    • Has been with the company for 29 years
    • Prior experience includes serving as a research engineer at United States Steel Corporation, where he utilized water modeling for optimization of steel flow systems
    • Holds a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University

    Kari Dixon

    Director – CCP Division & ERP Systems

    • Responsible for managing the CCP Division and the company's ERP activities
    • Has been with the company for 21 years
    • Prior experience includes Marketing Manager, Inside Sales Manager and Human Resources/Marketing Director
    • Holds a Bachelors Degree in Business from Wilmington College and a Masters Degree in Business from Xavier University

    Dr. Gary Hallum

    Vice President & Technical Director

    • Heads the research and development group of CCPI’s steel refractory and aluminum products and is responsible for the procurement of raw materials
    • Has been with the company for 15 years
    • Prior experience includes serving as a senior research engineer, focused on refractory selection, research and process improvement for LTV Steel Corporation
    • Holds a Masters and a Ph.D. in Ceramic Engineering from The Ohio State University

    Mike Gasaway

    Vice President & Engineering Director

    • Manages the Wire & Sensors business unit on a temporary basis, as well as the engineering and maintenance departments
    • Has been with the company for 23 years
    • Prior experience includes serving as the chief electrical design engineer for Modern Machine Development
    • Holds a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from Bowling Green State University

    Trevor Ford

    Technical Director, CCPI – Europe Limited

    • Responsible for the technical and quality operations for both testing and calibration of temperature sensors across the CCPI groups thermal laboratories
    • Has over 40 years’ experience in the manufacturing, testing, and calibration of temperature sensors
    • During this time has set up from initial design to fully operational test facilities, five 17025 third party accredited calibration laboratories
    • Has been with the company for 15 years
    • Sits on British Standards Committee and advisory committees which guide future developments in the field of temperature measurement

    Peter Cowley

    Production Director, CCPI – Europe Limited, Operations Director, GTS

    • Has 30 years experience in the temperature measurement business
    • Has 20 years experience as a production and engineering manager
    • Responsible for setting up four world class manufacturing facilities using world class manufacturing techniques, one piece flow, cellular manufacturing, empowering operatives etc
    • Project managed the relocation of several manufacturing facilities of varying sizes from £0.5 to £12 million into existing facilities. The time frame on these projects varied from one to six months

    Mary Ann van Vliet

    General Manager, CCPI – MEFEC B.V.

    • Has been with the company for 25 years
    • Has been General Manager since 2006
    • Over 30 years experience in international business practices

    Ali Faraj

    General Manager, Gulf Temperature Sensors

    • Has 22 years experience working for ALBA as a control and instrumentation engineer
    • 10 years experience with his own marketing and engineering company supplying control and instrumentation
    • 7 years as a development and technical manager for ITSS
    • Joined Gulf Temperatures Sensors in 2011

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